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TimeRanger lets you define any type and any number of events to be timed. It will alert you visually and audibly or run any program when events reach due time. You can define absolute or relative time events to be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Recurring events are automatically adjusted to their next value once they have past. TimeRanger keeps you informed of the events you missed when the machine was turned off. The "Atomic Time" option keeps your system clock aligned with the time server of your choice, over the Internet. Included is a list of more than one hundred Atomic time servers worldwide to choose from. "Accounts Keeper" keeps track and cumulates every second spent doing any user defined task. Enter an hourly rate and it will calculate the global cost. If you run some kind of a Help Desk, bill your customers on an hourly basis or simply want to know how much time you have spent doing any thing, you need this. "Sound Maker" lets you create alarm sounds for your Internal PC speaker. These sounds can be attached to your timed events so you won't miss them when they reach due time. "Time Utilities" gives you access to Easter date for any year, phases of the moon on any date, calendrical functions, the Internet Time, Fridays 13 for any year and a user definable list of time related Web links. The Freeware version never expires but is limited in the number of events you can define. Try it!

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